• sweet potato black bean burger

    Sweet Potato Black Bean Burger

    This Sweet Potato Black Bean Burger exists because a good veggie burger is hard to come by. The store bought kinds are typically bland in flavor and trying to front like…

  • go-bag

    Go-Bag for the Urban Witch DIY

    Lately, I’ve been trying to organize my life and efforts across the board. For the first time, I’m buying and using storage bins in my art studio. I’m categorizing notions and…

  • mango radish coleslaw

    Colorful Mango Radish Coleslaw

    Coleslaw is something I look forward to at every barbecue and potluck I attend. It’s a versatileΒ dish and one of the more fun sides to experiment with. I came to the…

  • Roasted Red Beet Hummus

    Vibrant Roasted Red Beet Hummus

    The first time I had roasted red beet hummus, I was a total stranger to all things beets. As a teenager, I worked at a Round Table Pizza (if you don’t…

  • DIY Tarot Pouch

    DIY Square Bottom Tarot Pouch

    Sometimes you just need a tarot pouch! People choose to carry their tarot in different ways. Some, neatly keep the cards in their original box to bring out when they want…

  • Envelope Style Pillow DIY
    DIY Lifestyle

    Envelope Style Pillow DIY

    In our home, we have a problem that my husband affectionately calls “pillow hell.” I doΒ purchase an excessive amount of throw pillows…but there’s a method to my madness! When it comes…

  • Vegan Fried Shishito Pepper

    Vegan Fried Shishito Pepper / Okra Dish

    *This was originally posted as Vegan Fried Okra, but apparently it’s Shishito Peppers! Lol I’m an idiot. The recipe is great for either, though, so carry on! Southern cooking has my…