Welcome to Thorn and Thimble!

Thorn and Thimble was launched in 2017. This blog is for anyone who isn’t afraid to have a stab at cooking and making things with their hands and hearts.


(pronounced “Shannon”)

I’m a witchy designing mama living in San Francisco with my partner and toddler. A firecracker and a hopeless romantic, I love learning and devote a lot of time to new crafts and skills. Much of that I’ll share here. My pagan heart brings me into the lives of many people, and my adventurous spirit takes me around the world with my little family.


I wear a lot of hats; these are my favorites.

When I began to get busy creating a happy and handmade home, I found a greater connection to these interests, as well as myself and my path. This changed my relationship with my heart, guiding me toward a healthier outlook on what it means to live my “best life.” To me, that doesn’t mean living in or presenting perfection. It’s about aspiring to improve daily, step-by-step.

This revelation inspired me to share the freedom I found by telling my story and learning a little bit every day. Through Thorn and Thimble, I’ve set out to determine how we can bring balance to ourselves and the world through co-creation.

My mom taught me to sew at a young age and I’ve been doing it as long as I can remember. Now, motivated by the rise in fast-fashion and textile waste, I aim to limit my family’s waste by recycling/upcycling, buying secondhand, and doing a lot of sewing! I’m happiest when I’m working with other human beings and using my skills to create.

 Let’s make something together.